School activities

The Indications National lay down the same purpose training at the national level. These are  adjusted through the POF at the reality in which the school operates and tat the needs of pupils. At the beginning of each school year teachers on the basis of the purposes set out in the POF develop the “Educational Project team” in which define the objectives of training, knowledge and skills that the students of own class must achieve during the school year. The Educational project of team is divided into units of learning bi-monthly. Every Friday afternoon teachers meet to verify his employment during the week and possibly amend it
The activities in our school are articulated in various ways:
• development of research activities, individual and groups that teach and to take responsibility to organize our thoughts
• promotion of laboratory activities as a place for acquiring skills as a synthesis of knowledge and know-how;
• acquisition of skills transferable and usable in different areas of knowledge;
• reference to the practice of the game as an invitation to propose educational contexts within which the learning experience both pleasant and rewarding;
• promotion of emotional and emotional processes of knowledge
• use of multimedia tools that, besides being extremely motivating, give a sense of having the resources to be able to do and not to allow disperse, but highlight the different forms of intelligence.
The teaching activities can be organised and carried out in different ways in order to make more effective training
•Lesson collective-level class
Activities of Group
Speeches individualised

Our activities

 These are some pages of the history notebook of a pupil of the first class. The activity was aimed to capture the concept of succession


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