Our project

Title:   OUR SCHOOL 

Short description:

Exchanging experiences among teachers and students from different countries in Europe

Duration: two years or more

Languages: English

Subject clusters: Cross-curriculum, Europe,Foreign Languages, History/Traditions, Informatics/ICT

Aims: · Developing/enlarging different skills, such as digital literacy, communication in mother and foreign languages, social and civic skills, the sense of initiative and entrerprinsing, the cultural and expression senses; · Increasing our students’ awareness about our Europeans friends and allow schools, teachers and students to know other cultures and learn to work together overcoming and enriching from differences, while working in a multilingual environment; · Leading teachers to improve their tools, methodologies and pedagogic skills related to e-learning, promoting innovation in teaching methods with a view to improve the quality of the learning process and fostering the autonomy of learners; · Promoting e-cooperation among teachers and students from European countries to work together, strengthening social cohesion, person development, intercultural dialogue and active citizenship; · Building up an European dimension and reinforcing the meaning of the European identity in the world’s globalization.