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Rionero in Vulture

Located on a mountainous area of 645 meters above sea level, at the north of Basilicata , to the eastern slopes of Mount Vulture, Rionero is situated on a hilly territory rich in natural beauty. Nearby there can admire the Lakes of Monticchio, on whose shores lies the Abbey of St. Michele. Its landscape is diverse and welcoming with a rich vegetation of olive groves and vineyards dense forests. The fertility of the land and their favorable exposure, have allowed the development of viticulture and chestnut fruit. Almost all of the red wine produced in Basilicata is produced with grapes of Aglianico grape from which it derives the renowned Aglianico del Vulture wine recognized doc
Remarkable also the presence of olive trees that provide a product of excellent quality due to the nature of volcanic terrain, and movement of groundwater that flow into mineral water springs that feed the bottling plants in the area.
The city of Rionero in Vulture is known in Italy for its wealth of water Minerals.
Here operating companies of so-called “Sources of Vulture” as “Water Lilia”, “Gaudianello” (in the hamlet of Monticchio Heads) and “Cutolo Rionero.
  Its history is linked to the names of Giustino Fortunato, who actively took up the issue Southern, and the bandit Crocco
Rionero is a modern town with all services: public and private kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, high schools classic, scientific and educational institutes of art and professional sports facilities, swimming pool, hotels, restaurants, discos, center social, regional cancer hospital (agreement with the institute, Oncology in Milan headed by Prof.. Umberto Veronesi).
The city is structured in rioni and some of them, the oldest, have not lost in their typical time (as the Rioni “Coast”, “Dead” and “Plan Cellars”, rich in history peasant who still breathes aggirandosi for the winding alleys).
The monuments are mostly dedicated to celebrities and religious as Justin Fortunato, Michele Granata, Jan. Pennella are scattered a little ‘anywhere in the country
In the center, Piazza Justin Fortunato, Piazza and Via XX Settembre N. Sauro, there are many shops Rionero who have made the city one of the biggest malls in the region. Modern and equipped shops are scattered throughout the village.
  The sport’s main boulevard is football. Increased local team is the C.S. Vultur Rionero that militates in the Championship of Excellence Basilicata There are other sporting events taking place in Rionero during the year including the Gran Fondo del Vulture, national cycling event involving hundreds of cyclists from all over Italy, organized by “The Velocifero” club in the country.



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