Subjects in Our Timetable

 The school activities are organized according to essential mandatory curriculum (Italian, mathematics, history, geography, science, English, science, art, motor), which provides prescriptive objectives; the integrating curriculum (various projects and research); workshop activities. In classes at normal time (30 hours per week) begins teaching at 8.20 and closed at 12.50.There is one return afternoon during the week from 14.00 hours to 17.00 hours. Pupils have the opportunity to benefit from the school canteen.
In classes full-time (40 hours per week) begins teaching at 8.30 and closed at 16.30. The free day is Saturday. The canteen service is considered an integral part of the school day .
Both classes in normal time and in full-time is a recreation break in mid-morning

Pupils of class I A-B ” Plan Regulator” describe in this way their subject in the timetable




English as a Foreign Language

English Grammar And Math

Subjects in the Romanian Timetable

Maybe our timetable is different of yours. The pupils from the primary level classes have less subjects, of course. Most of them are taught by the same primary level teacher. However, there are three subjects which are taught by other special teachers. It is about English or French as foreign languages, Religious Education, and Physical Education. We have a modern Sports Hall and a special classroom for Religious Education, which is arranged like a church with icons on the walls. The gymnasium classes have more subjects. Among them we can mention: Romanian, Math, History, Geography, Computer Science, Biology, Drawing, Music, Technological Education. Physics begins to be studied from the 6th class until the 8th class. Chemistry starts to be studied in the 7th class and Latin and Civic Culture come to complete the list. At History and Geography we study about the other countries of the world in the classes V-VIII and about our country in the last year of gymnasium.